Senja Opplevelser

You recently founded Senja Opplevelser (experiences) and have in short time build a great resort which covers most needs. How did this process start and what was the inspiration behind it?

We started the process in 2014 actively working with authorities and received aid from Senja Næringshage. We came up with the idea many years ago and did quite a lot of research beforehand – we even visited several other companies in Troms to find out how they did it. We were so sure that we were going to realize our dreams, that we started on the property long before we were given a ‘go’ on the project. Both of us wants to work with guests on a personal level, and on the basis of our property and the nature in the area we saw a massive potential. On top of that, we had a strong incentive to have a working place that consisted of a varied and giving work.

Senja is often described as “Norway in a miniature”. What makes the island so special and why do you think tourists should travel there instead of the more known city of Tromsø?

As “Norway in a miniature”, Senja has ‘everything’. On Senja you will find a nature and sense of freedom unparalleled to Tromsø or any other place. The variation of activities you can experience here is what makes is special; e.g. mountain climbing, paddling the canoe through the archipelago, bicycling on the national tourist route with all its distinctiveness, swimming on white sandy beaches, and of course experience the northern light without any light pollution.

You usually must travel outside of Tromsø to experience the northern light, but at Senja you can experience it right where you stand. Our customers have given us wonderful feedback since we started – they all found our resort beautifully located and loved the view, and that they felt at peace without any stress whatsoever. One of our guests even said that he couldn’t remember the last time he had a dream, but it happened immediately after staying with us.

The most known activities in Senja are sea fishing and mountaineering, but are there some more unknown experience you think the tourists should be more aware of?

Bicycling, the national tourist route, and a fantastic hiking trip that goes along the beaches around Stronglandshalvøya right by our place; normally a 3-hour hike on way in light terrain.

We have a pure snow and clean water, and not to mention the birdlife with at least three eagle tribes situated on our property – something that can be witnessed daily. We also have seals, porpoises and otters right outside our cabins. There are also many photo enthusiasts coming to Senja all year round – Valvåg is an excellent spot for photography of bird and wildlife in the area.

In a community like Senja, one is usually dependent on a excellent network and close cooperative partners in order you offer a complete package of experiences. Who do you work with and how did it occur?

We are members of Visit Senja and have a close relationship with them. Additionally, we cooperate with Senja Husky which allows us to book dog sledding tours for those who wish, and guided mountain climbing trips all year through our partners at Senja Experience. We also cooperate with Senja Turbil who offers transfer, sightseeing and northern light hunts. And several of our partners can offer kayaks to our guests.

The partnerships occurred in meetings with all the members of Visit Senja, but we have also visited several of the companies in the area, where great relationships were shaped. At this very moment all the members of Visit Senja are working on creating a united booking solution that will offer incredible travel packages that are full of unique and exciting experiences. This will be on the market in 2019.

Your company has a big focus on recreation. Is this something you feel is important in modern society with all the disruptions we are exposed to every day, and what should your guests be expecting at your place?

Our customers can expect a very peaceful place. We often notice that guests who are there to fish, do not usually spend their entire vacation just fishing, they often to prefer to relax as well. We have a lovely outside area with a big barbeque hut and a sauna. It is so quiet in Valvåg that you can actually hear the ‘silence’. And we have vibrating birdlife.

The hosts are usually close by all they and can assist you with things such as driving you to the local supermarket, guiding, directions, and even maintenance tasks.

The peace we experience in our area, as well as the nature, can help nurture the creative side in people.

Do you have any more exciting plans ahead?

We are planning to have the third cabin ready before the 1th of April 2019. We will then be able to room up to a total between 18 and 21 guests, divided on the three cabins. The summer season 2019 will be a great pointer for the direction ahead, and we are open to suggestions from our guests as well.

We also have a small camping spot that can handle 5-6 caravans/motor homes, including tents. We have a service station with showers, toilets, and a laundry room.

We are really focused on a better nature and envoirment, and are working actively to make sure of no pollution in our area.